If you want to get ahead…

27 thoughts on “If you want to get ahead…”

  1. You solved the problem of the the inside pretty quickly – I only noticed your PR thread this morning. I love the hat, especially the bow which gives it a 20’s vibe. Très chic, madame.

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  2. A smashing hat, effortlessly elegant, and you pull it off very stylishly. The coat looks great as well. I will investigate to find out if I have a ‘hat-face’ because so far I have only worn hats at weddings (not to my taste) and wolly hats when it is cold (nothing to write home about but practical). Does this one keep your ears warm?

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    1. Thanks! I love it, other staff are full of compliments, as are the few West Indian kids who saw fit to make mention…the Asian kids were shocked to see an Anglo on such a bright colour I think! That resulted in a few feeble ‘insults’ which just made me laugh.

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