Starring Stripes

Almost the last 2018 make, I just remembered one more! Vogue 9254,  Marcy Tilton dress.  Teal ponte and multi-stripe ponte What a strange pattern!  I like the cover image, and the line drawing is the usual vagueness expected from Tilton asymmetry and drapiness, so it intrigued me fo some time before I caved and bought … Continue reading Starring Stripes

Mimi Mi Mimi Mi!

Last but one of my 2018 makes… Simplicity 8177 Mimi G wardrobe pattern [again], a second version of the long coat, this time in purple ponte, sleeveless [because I didn’t have enough lol]  I also had to piece the front facing and generally fussy cut this one.  Minimal fabric waste makes me happy! 50-50 sewn … Continue reading Mimi Mi Mimi Mi!

Summation part 2

Part 2:  patterns, plans and ‘hits’ I’ve made multiple garments from several patterns, which I don’t normally do, maybe I have finally found my style? I’ve made 14 garments from 9 Vogue patterns [4 are on the previous Fail list though] 16 from 10 Style Arc patterns, with 2 fails.  I also salvaged the two … Continue reading Summation part 2

Summation part 1

2018 packed and left, and we’re already nearly two weeks into 2019! I haven’t done any summing up, or ‘best of’ posts, so I spent some time this afternoon looking at statistics and browsing rapidly through this year’s posts to see what’s what. Ready? Part 1, numbers and fails 90 posts [fewer than the two … Continue reading Summation part 1