Can-do Kondo? Not me baby…

18 thoughts on “Can-do Kondo? Not me baby…”

  1. I could spend a week in the workroom sorting and tidying, but only ever manage half an hour! It’s getting better as things are getting sorted out, but new table 18m ago won’t take as many units underneath as the old one

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  2. While I know this was not the point of the post, I just have to say how in love with your stash I became while reading! Though I can totally understand things getting to be too much and the clutter becoming overwhelming. I’m going to be moving apartments this year so have been slowly working on cutting back myself and getting rid of a ton of stuff. Fabric is one of the hardest things to part with though because I can easily justify keeping even the ugliest of textiles by telling myself it will be perfect for making toiles! Lol. Most of the fabric I have at the moment is only really suitable for toiles so I’m hanging on for dear life because sewing is such a comfort and is really helping me relax during the chaos of apartment hunting, etc. I imagine no matter how much stuff I manage to part with, once I move I’ll slowly fill my new space with fabric but I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

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    1. Sewing is the best and only therapy for me when I’m stressed…and years of costume making tells me that EVERYTHING will be useful sometime, making it hard to chuck things away as I always need them a few months later! Scraps are going to become pouffes this year though, and will be Xmas presents in due course!

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  3. Completely sympathise – don’t understand how it gets to that messy stage although its the slow insidious creep of accumulation which finishes me off. The fabric that accumulates on the bed until you can’t see the bed anymore, the patterns which are popped down until the pile falls over. Currently after the small plumbing leak much of the sewing room is in our bedroom and there is so much of it how did it fit in the sewing room?

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    1. lol at least it doesn’t spread to bedroom or living room, just my insane piles. It WILL be tamed, but then resume the inexorable decline until it’s back again of course. Ah well, I don’t tidy anything else!


  4. Thanks for making me feel better – I’m happy knowing that my chaos isn’t just me. The idea of being organised and tidy, and knowing where to find everything, is wonderful. It’s just never going to happen here. Well done on the start you’ve made 😊

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  5. Yes I understand your chaos but if you tidy everything then you won’t be able to find anything and you will then have to spend time looking for what you need. Well that’s my excuse for not tidying.

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. I often feel like I (or someone who writes much better than I do) needs to write a book in praise of hoarding to counter the “de-cluttering” movement. We’re building a house though so when we’re ready to move into it I will probably be doing some de-cluttering though.

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  7. You’re pattern inventory sounds like a wonderful idea. Do use a special program or just Excel? I have gone as far as having photos of all my dresses, or whatever, in one computer file so I can look at them all at once. I love your sewing room. My stuff is perpetually put away in plastic tubs because I don’t have a dedicated room yet. It takes an incredible amount of time and energy to sort and toss and catalogue – good for you!


    1. Just Excel- I thought it would take forever to retype the 250-long list, but it was a doddle. I have kept it simple, Pattern compcny, number, brief description, then several columns to help me recognise if I’ve used the pattern, who for, a few categories, and a sparse notes option at th eend. EG first column is to indicate if I’ve made up the pattern once [one asterisk] more than once [two asterisks] or only partially [some other symbol]. If I’ve made it up for someone else [not many lol] I havea column where their name or initial goes. Then my categories are for lingerie/accessories/historical & costume/evening & bridal/children. It seems adequate. I’m considering copying to a fresh page and categorising more tightly by skirt& trousers/dresses/tops/ but haven’t got that far yet. I did rearrange the patterns [for the time being] roughly into those categories which made getting them into the drawers more simple!

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  8. I use Trello for patterns as I needed to learn how to use it for work. I can update it on the PC as well as my phone and it means I can gaze at the patterns when away from the house. I like that, it minimises the buying new patterns. I use Cora for fabrics, but it only works on the phone. Am thinking about switching fabrics to Trello.

    Marie Kondo lost me at the “only 30 books” point. WHAT? Even keeping to just 30 on one topic would be difficult. I do like the regular Melbourne sewing stash swaps we have. They are terrific for clearing out the sewing clutter and allowing for lovely new things.

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    1. Sounds fancy, my phone is very primitive, none of this nonsense with apps and all that lol. The very idea of reducing my books collection to thirty is inconceivable. Makes me feel faint at the very idea. Minimalism? *shudders*


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