Feeling Crotch-ety:Purple Passion Pants#1

19 thoughts on “Feeling Crotch-ety:Purple Passion Pants#1”

  1. I had the same issue with my version of the Gertie cigarette pants. However I managed to get a good fit with the Ginger jeans and a minor adjustment. I’ll use these as a guide from now on.

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  2. Very helpful comparison – thanks for sharing it. Awhile back I was trying to make a pair of shorts that didn’t look like a 1980s disaster. Comparing the crotch with some decent fitting RTW, I discovered nearly the same thing. The pattern had a whole lot of extra room there. So I now use a crotch curve adapted from that RTW pair (that looks a lot like the Linda photo). I have to wonder about the drafting of some of these patterns. Do they ever try them on a live human?

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  3. Love your posts. So funny, and thanks for sharing also “issues” with fitting. I have horrible troubles fitting, and can get very frustrated. I think you have found the issue. But, maybe you could pull up at yoke bottom, in a pinch. The pants are very attractive, on the table, and love the colour, style, and pocket. Cathie near Montreal (When very frustrated with sewing Retail Therapy helps – Friday another trip to edge of Garment District, for much “needed” spring/summer fabrics).

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    1. Thank you! I never post only my successes, it’s all as it happens, no fakery or sponsorships happening here, just me, warts and all! I think unpicking is the only way, but I’m currently distracted as we just bought tickets to see Tears for Fears and Alison Moyet THIS TUESDAY…SQUEEEEE


  4. OMG man/lady lunch!
    Too funny I’ve never heard that phrase
    before & totally lost what little sense I may have still had.
    Thank you so much for that picture in my poor sawdust brain.
    I guess I must pack a picnic basket because its a problem I’ve never had with fitting trousers. I usually need more room in the rear for my curvaceous bum. I don’t like when I sit & my pants slide down & back and beyond gets drafty.
    Hope you get your trouser trials sorted soon.

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  5. Good grief! That is a ridiculous difference in front crotch drafting. No wonder you had such excess fabric! I have never seen a pair of trousers with a CF seam like the Greenstyle ones. Mind you, I don’t sew many indie patterns, but wow!

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    1. I avoid them [I cannot understand why so many noobs to sewing head for these indies and won’t touch the established companies, very weird] but the pics of these tickled my fancy for some good old 70s flares. I plan to look like Huggy Bear when they’re done!


      1. I traced off a pair of RTW jeans that fit me some years ago now, and have widened and altered them to continue to fit me. I haven’t touched a woven pants pattern since then, because it’s just not worth my time. I have a pair that fit. Life is short.
        That post, that series of pants fitting posts on Cation Designs was my second introduction to Cindy (the first being the Titanic sewing challenge), and she’s just all that and a bag of those extra marshmallows you take out of the Lucky Charms. When I get stuck, I go back and I read those. Y’all should, too.

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  6. Bodies are very strange things and unfortunately don’t come wrapped in a box all the same shape. Is it any wonder patterns particularly for trousers are so hit and miss. Hope the crotch curve solves your problem.

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  7. Maybe check any new trouser patterns against the Linda – you know she fits. I love the purple pants (sorry, you know I’m only saying it coz it drives you had 😂) . I hope the adjustment turns them into perfect Huggy Bear pants 😁

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  8. Love those pockets even if they do seem to be fiddly. I tend to alter every crotch I sew too – just compare them to a pair of jeans that fit well. I find if I leave the crotch as per the design, there is a huge amount of flappy fabric there.


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