Un-pickety witch- Purple passion pants #2

11 thoughts on “Un-pickety witch- Purple passion pants #2”

  1. What a great color. It’s a pain to fit trousers—it can be tug-of-war between the front and back. Question: did you make your green top? If so, what pattern is it? Please advise. Thanks!

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    1. Well I didn’t think that fitting a pair of stretchy ones would be so much trouble! You live and learn… The top is a Style Arc ‘Tootsie’. I have several of these made a few years ago [which is why this is -ahem- slightly tight] It’s a fun pattern, nicely drafted, as are all Style Arc.


      1. Thank you for the details about the top. I didn’t like the pattern when it was made up in stripes. but I do like it when it’s made up in a solid color.

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  2. Salvaging the fabric for another go was well worth it. Colour really suits you. Great outfit.
    Funny about the knee. Blog photos are so unrealistic we never stand like that in real life too busy rushing around.

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