Grey Joy- GoT costume

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  1. What, McCalls costume instructions aren’t complete? You may recall the GBSB where the front runner used a McCalls costume pattern for her final work, meanwhile I’m in my house SCREAMING “GOD NO, THAT PATTERN IS DEMONICALLY POSSESSED” and of course, the poor instructions and worse patterning did her in.
    I misviewed your pattern, yes, the skirt is complicated, but the thing that sells it is the yoke. That’s kind of her go-to style line (crossed bewbwraps and a sharp shoulder). The lining would be pretty, but nail that yoke and the chain embellishment and you’re the real gramma of dragons. You could go naked and probably more people would recognize you as Dany, but winter is coming and one must dress appropriately (unless you are in an HBO show…..)

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    1. Yeah I think school might object to the naked [let’s be honest, EVERYONE would object to the naked, ew] the chain will be a rush job of some decorative stuff plus [probably] my celtic brooch which will give the essence of it at least. Essence of Essos. Anyway, they style and colours will work for the general look of several season 7 outfits, so it’s all good. The hair will just be mine with some plaits, I aint wearing a wig to school!

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