22 thoughts on “MOB-ility”

  1. I love the teal/turquoise, but I’m obsessed with those colours so totally biased! The dress is going to be beautiful, you picked so many gorgeous colour combos! Eleven meters sounds so daunting and expensive, the end result will be worth it, but I can see why this is so tough!

    Also, oh no!!! Poor bird! I love cats but boy they can be some rotten little buggers!

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    1. I’m definietly not making three full dress then layering them, that’s mad. Justa slip dress for the bottom layers, and an overtunic, so allowing for me also being a short arse, I should be able to reduce the yardage considerably. Toile time!


  2. I love the way your mind works. I liked the previous suggestion but also love 786-472-473. It is going to be gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how it comes out. You are an inspiration.

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  3. I think you need to go with your heart here – after all it’s for a heart occasion !
    We will all go for different choices depending on our own colour preferences.
    The ones that catch my eye are 773, 475, 771 or 475, 771, 472.
    Good Luck for making a lovely wafty dress.

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  4. I would use the dark navy for the very bottom layer (the slip dress) for maximum opacity between the dress and the lingerie. Outer layers could be any of the ones you prefer, though I am partial to the pale blue and the light teal…

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  5. I think you can narrow it down by removing 786 (the blue green) and 773 (the navy) from contention. The one is too green, and the other seems too subdued.
    I like the bottom 4 combos – except the very last one.

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    1. I think you’re probably right. I love the green and navy together, but it gets a bit dark for a wedding outfit. It will be one of the bright combos I think. The shoes I bought for my wedding [but then never wore] are a white dyeable satin with a diamante strap. Plenty dressy, and can be made to match if that’s the way I decide to go. Bags are always an issue as I don’t really like them, so tend to stick to my old faithful black leather…but my daughter would kill me lol Maybe I should make her choose it. Hmmm but she has expensive tastes!


  6. Oh, and have you looked at silk chiffon from Dharma Trading? The prices seem good; the dyed is under $10/yard. The undyed is more expensive but a heavier weight.


    1. Not one I normally look at because of being US…although I could see what their delivery rates are to the UK. I tend to stick to eBay, and buy from a lot of different sellers, with very very few dud buys over many years.


  7. Wow, I love the nerd out response to this. exactly my style when faced with a decision.
    I like 773, 472, 473 or 773, 472, 786.
    But I agree with the person who says go with your heart. Have fun!!

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  8. Argh what a difficult choice! Some of your blues have a lot of green in and others less so…475 and 473 both look very blue to me. I think I’d go for either all greenish ones or all non green. If you definitely wanted the dark blue 475 I’d combine it with 473 and 771. But I prefer the greener ones. I think 776/783/472 is my favourite.


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