Sewing Skulls

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  1. Great combination of the relatively traditional shirt with the funky fabric. The length looks good especially at the back possibly an inch, maybe two, off the front. My personal preference is for a shirt front midway between hip and crotch with a more pronounced shirt tail. It is a bit difficult to tell precisely where yours ends.

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  2. You look wonderful in this ! I love the skulls! If you make a notation on your pattern what your changes are (the bodice length, sleeve, placket etc.) If possible include a copy of the sleeve pattern you prefer so you don’t have to root around looking for it & the placket instructions.
    So much easier than trying to find the part you need when you need it & running the risk it’s not in with the original pattern or the entire pattern package has disappeared. I’ve learned the hard way that things vanish only to show up again after you’ve completed cutting & have no fabric left to do it the way you originally wanted. 😯

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    1. good advice lol I’m PRETTY good these days at putting pattern pieces where they belong, I only have one or two bits in the all-purpose-pile to be reunited! The Folkwear placket needs to have several copies made, so I can keep them pinned to my big pinboard over the sewing table…I am totally CRAP at remembering to write down any changes, mainly because I’ve rarely found that I’m still the same size or shape when I remake things. Sigh. Ever increasing unfortunately


  3. Oh yeah..I think most of us can relate to ruining a collar or cuff…perhaps cutting two of the same pieces. I think I have the hi-lo pattern similar to this one which I just alter to make standard shirts.

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