Another Piece of My Heart-Fractal Sweater

12 thoughts on “Another Piece of My Heart-Fractal Sweater”

  1. I do like the top.

    I think people are very unspecific these days: ‘fractals’ sound cool, and in theory one might be able to see the spiney-dividey bits as the start of some kind of fractalish thing, but I’m with you–it isn’t really fractals. As long as it isn’t fracking, from the same root, meaning ‘to break’, I’m okay with it!

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  2. This is a fine thing you have made and it looks pretty damn fine on you. You’ve got the proportions down just right.

    Fractal sounds cooler than fraction (and I’m pretty sure ‘the wedgy top’ isn’t a big seller). My late mathematician pal Howard must be rolling in his grave though. I will go check and if I hear any undue thumping under his stone, I’ll let you know.

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  3. Ooh yes love that top. Great use of scraps. Must go and unearth my copy can hear it plaintively calling my name. Think AC missed a trick though should have called it the Wedge top as suggested by ErnieK. Would sell better than the wedge trousers!

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