One, Two, Tree Shirt…SWAP 2019

16 thoughts on “One, Two, Tree Shirt…SWAP 2019”

    1. I need to hide it from the missus though! Fortunately, they stock several prints in the same colourway, and one like this with orange/gold background which would suit her beautifully…


    1. Thankyou! I can assure you it’s far fromimpeccable, but you can’t go far wrong with crisp cotton fabric and quality interfacing- it really makes a difference. I also can’t recommend that Folkwear tower placket enough- it’s perfect! The TRex memes had me wetting myself, I could have gone on for some time lol

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    1. lol a new machine that does ace buttonholes, plus [fairly] expensive interfacing seems to be the secret! close up it passes muster no better than ANY of my sewing, we forget no one else looks as closely as we do ourselves!


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