Dogged Determination

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  1. You are truely remarkable. You have a pile of sewing to do and choose to make a dog for a panto. True to form you’ve put your heart and sewl (sic) into it. Toto looks amazing. People in the show will be over the rainbow. Congratulations. I’m not a soft toy person, but love it, love it, love it. I hope your hands recover soon.

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  2. I think he looks excellent Fairy. The cat is right, and he will be perfect for the production. Just imagine the comparison with papier mache.
    Hope your hands recover quickly.

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  3. He looks fantastic and great for the production. Fur sewing is interesting. I made a soft toy tiger that sort of works last year, no patterns, inventing the pattern design from the fur squares in the local handicraft shop. It’s very squidgy, but it’s a cuddly sort toy

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  4. Why yes, I have made a few teddy bears. With splints in the joints, not nuts and bolts. If I were to use that I’d add some locktite to the nut just to be sure it won’t loosen over time. A trick to make the sewing easier is to trim away the fur in the seam allowance before sewing. I use a wooden spoon to push the filling in place, as it has a nice “handle” to hold so you don’t strain your hand as much. But well done you!

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  5. That is some project to take on, wow. I’m sure hell be a firm favourite back stage and onstage.

    I’m not sure you’re review has tempted me to tackle this myself though, your poor hands! 😂🤣

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    1. lol I’ve been sewing for so long now it’s getting harder to find interesting challenges- which is why I love costume and bridal stuff so much! With age comes deterioration unfortunately, and I am pretty ancient now


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