Oz Coz #1: Munchables

13 thoughts on “Oz Coz #1: Munchables”

  1. I’ve found with stitched on elastic, sometimes a good burst of steam ( not touching, just steaming) relaxes stuff back into place. learned this when I was doing some shirring for something once. Went into panic, first time I had done it, but it was fine in the end.

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    1. lol it was good to see the realisation on the drama teachers’ faces that my colour choices were good! They intended ALL colours which would have been too scrappy. Tin ‘men’ next…

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      1. Your Munchkins are pretty cute – I recall them as sinister in the movie. Looking forward to Glinda(s).



  2. Eventually came to read your blog as I kept seeing you on Pattern Review. We have made a few of the same patterns. I love Toto. I want to make a shoulder fur with a face. What a great read. Thanks!

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