WTF WordPress/Bloglovin’ etc?

8 thoughts on “WTF WordPress/Bloglovin’ etc?”

  1. I went the other way. First with Bloglovin, because if I followed email link, post would be hidden in app, and I wouldn’t be able to find it again if I wanted closer look. And more recently with WordPress, I turned email notification off because it was filling my inbox up, and just as easy to check in app. Aarghhhh. 😬

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  2. I agree, whatever you decide isn’t foolproof. I usually look at the Reader (my email inbox gets full enough as it is). In March I noticed that my own posts weren’t turning up in the Reader and I queried this with WordPress. Don’t think I got anywhere after a week. It was a conversation along these lines Me: “My post isn’t in the Reader” Helpdesk Person: “Is it published” Me: “Yes, but it’s not in the Reader” Helpdesk Person: “Yes it’s published” Me: “I know, but it isn’t in the Reader” Helpdesk Person: “It’s published” Me: “BUT, it isn’t in the Reader” ad nauseam. Anyway, you get the idea. I didn’t get anywhere with this, so I left it. Mystery unsolved…..


    1. I just can’t believe there’s been two months’ worth of posts that I’ve had no notification for…I read posts as they are published, and make plenty of comments, but now I feel like I’m catching up on homework!

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    1. It took several days to flick through all the posts I’d missed, normally there are just one or two particular blogs that I don’t get messages for, and catch up on intermittently via the reader, but suddenly it’s most of them. Very odd. Must be working like Facebook do you think? Starting to let bots decide which blogs we like ‘most’?

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