Short Cuts

8 thoughts on “Short Cuts”

  1. I’d have needed a lie down after that lot!

    Is ‘panniers’ the right word for drapey side extensions? Can’t think of a better one right now but that doesn’t seem quite right either.

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  2. Very industrious! I’m always in awe when you batch cut as it’s not something I ever do. I really must try it.
    I don’t have any other ideas about the side drapey bits. Catherine’s suggestion seems like a good one. Drapey bits generally, panniers if it needs to sound more high faluting 😉

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    1. Mass cutting is fun- and I like seeing a pile of things ready to sew, that I can fit to my mood or the time available. Already knocked out the feathery top last night, and wearing it to work. It’s a lot less boxy than I expected, I rather like it. Pics later

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