Border Post

13 thoughts on “Border Post”

  1. Ahh, lovely and summery. And I didn’t notice the booberfly until you mentioned it. Who cares? Apart from partners who might use them as an invite to go exploring, I mean? 😁😉
    I love that you can change the drapery part from outside to inside as you feel like it. Options are good!

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  2. Lovely fabric – I love a border print, shame they are so hard to find. I’m not surprised you had to modify to fit the yardage. I made a one-sided draping thingy last year from the Drape Drape 2 book, and the wide pattern piece didn’t fit either. Actually, I’m wearing it now, it’s perfect as summer wear and is a flattering look – seems to hide belly bulge very effectively! Though still haven’t worn it to work, I’m not particularly brave when it comes to wearing some of my more adventurous items to work, as my colleagues classify daring as venturing away from blue or black jeans.

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