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  1. Wasn’t the weather great at the weekend. Hope you enjoyed your trip! Ah, we are so hyper-critical. I think your swimsuit is excellent – after all I’ve worn plenty of swinsuits that fail to stays on properly and aren’t transparent. And the fit isn’t bad either, perhaps needs the tweaks you suggest. Just as a thought, as you know I like to think of belly disguise methods. I wonder whether more ruching across the belly would work as belly disguise. Could more wrinkles distract? Not sure, I’ve not worn this style of swimsuit. Which reminds me that I still haven’t tackled my own swimsuit – was on my MakeNine list and I had intended to make it for the summer.

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  2. I think you could have gone higher on the side/legs/bottom part! Your rear is adorable so why not show it off a little? You did a fab job on the swim suit. I have dreams of making one. I doubt I will ever get to it, though I would love to make panties. Ones that FIT!

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    1. Swimsuit/knickers are way easier to make than you would think, it’s all about getting the right materials, and setting your machine to the right stitch to suit. All plain sailing apart from that. I find making knickers really boring though…

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  3. Funny, I made a horrible Allison too. Very strange boobage action. But alas I still wear it because I got so discouraged. You’re making me feel like I should try again, with some other pattern. Thanks!

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  4. Nothing like as bad as was suggested! Why are we so self critical? I’ve seen infinitely worse on continental beaches. Count it as a win missus – but Dawn gets too marks for her sand castles 😁

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  5. That looks pretty amazing. Well done for completing it and wearing it.

    I have a similar problem with lack of bum, no waist to speak of and bustier than most patterns (37 (32E), 28, 35). I tend to make separates in different sizes, and, because I haven’t yet braved a swimming costume either and am lacking anything to wear, I’m wondering what to do to fit me, because no one wants to see my bare wrinkly stomach and these E cup boobs need support. I’m wondering about a tankini – so a long top and bottoms to fit.


    1. This Bombshell comes with a more supportive style top, which you ca put cups into. I’m going to try the Rad patterns Crush pattern soon, which has a gazillion options [making me a little wary] including full suits, 4 bottom styles, and 3 top lengths.


      1. Having looked at the Rad patterns First Crush, I think I prefer one of the variations on the Closet Case Sophie costume (or my current solution which is a kid’s pattern from Ottobre – I’m 5’1″: kids’ clothes fit my height/ nape to waist /shoulders and round the hips/waist without alteration, meaning only FBAs usually)

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      2. I’m taking a risk on the rad patterns tbh- I’m not very impressed by most of these multitudinous indie designers that keep appearing, and Closet Case do seem more professional and sorted than most! It’s not much cost though, and I’ve got it all printed off and taped now. Time will tell!


  6. Great post. With the changes you mentioned bet it would look truly fabulous. Image of you in the swimsuit harmless – I can still see and I kept my glasses on through the whole experience. You are definitely no where near the worst thing I’ve seen on a beach. In fact you see worst sights walking around town.

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  7. I really don’t think anyone’s boobage is as perky as Hilda’s. Caricature, indeed. And as for the ‘horror’… what horror? You made a lovely swimsuit!! I remember when that pattern was first released and all the blog post flurry in Sewing Land about how to fix this or that for a perfectly fitted flattering suit. I’ve never made one, but I remember being a little surprised at how many fittings and tweaking were necessary before sewists were pleased with their swimsuits. I had had some Pollyanna idea that the Closet Case Bombshell would fit everyone out of the envelope, but why would it when every other pattern needs to be customised?

    I say kudos for making one! I loathe swimsuits, and avoid them unless in crowds where everyone else is wearing them. And your idea of the camo fabric is amazing. Patterned fabric is always so flattering in second skin type garments, I find. Can’t wait to see the next version!

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  8. Hi. I know this is the wrong blog post, but I’m working on Simplicity pattern 1008 – the B dress. I saw you also made this a couple of years ago. I am having such a hard time understanding the instructions, and I saw that you said a beginner (which I am) would have a difficult time navigating them. I would very much appreciate some tips/tricks to completing this dress for my daughter.


    1. Hi- yes I looked back at my blog post and this is the order I worked out after mathematical analysis! I wanted view B, which tells you to begin by following view A steps 1-3.

      Then view B, steps 1-2

      View A, steps 5-7

      View B, steps 3-9

      View A, 9-15

      View B, 10

      View A, 16-17

      View B, 11-19

      View A, 20-21 [note, this is the first time the numbers make sense!]

      View B, 20

      So if you do the steps in that order, it goes together beautifully, and is very nicely drafted. It’s a lovely dress, even for ‘muggles! If you have difficulty with any of the steps, do come back and ask


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