An Ex-Men Origins Story

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  1. Great story of a truly memorable meeting with a subtle hint of adventures to come. And how proud those old Chinese would be that you delivered on their proverbs: In every crisis their’s opportunity; Even a disaster can be good for something…

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  2. Oh god, Fairy, sitting here 5AM with my first coffee and the visual on your tale is just hilarious. Who knew that pipe was actually leaking gold?

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  3. Oooh, so sweet! As a fellow klutz I can totally relate, but you were impressive in taking advantage of the situation. If you get a chance, there’s a short film “Falling for Caroline” that I think you would find hilarious, as it addresses both sides of the expression together

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    1. I’ll hunt it out! I mean, not many people get together via toilets and exploding lightbulbs…or do they? And thanks for reminding me of the word ‘klutz’. I need it on a t shirt!


  4. It’s a great story and you tell it really well too 🙂 So glad it worked out for you two.

    And although the picture of you both on the bench is beautiful, you also look positively regal in the one in the header.

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