Panto-ing Towards the Finish Line

7 thoughts on “Panto-ing Towards the Finish Line”

  1. Phew! You made me tired just reading about it, so can’t imagine how weary you must be.
    Amazing loads of costumes, you are a very clever and creative lady.

    Well done for all you do to support LGBTQ+ kids and work to change school culture. Brava!

    Good news about the blood tests for Dawn 🙂

    Wishing you happy sewing this half term.

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  2. Drinks cabinet panniers! That’s what I need, dammit. That and a lobster hat. Some ghastlymemories of making a lobster phone (homage to the Dali one) and it’s slow slow demise over a month of use. MORE PHOTO

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  3. Wow, you are going to have a busy week! I hadn’t realised it was half term or I might have suggested lunch – not that you would have had time 😳. Crack on!

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  4. Love the crab hat! Good news about Dawn, and good for you for pushing the school into tackling homophobia. I’ve been so sorry to read about the protestors up your way.

    We’ve just finished half term here so back to the grind now (not that I teach, but the other half does). Enjoy your break!

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