Shine on you Crazy Diamond Dog!

I turn 60 this year.  SIXTY. Blah blah age is just a number, you’re only as old as you feel, 60 is the new 40 yeah yeah right. SIXTY FFS! I never got pearls for my 30th. I never got rubies for my 40th. No gold for my 50th [although I had  a new wedding … Continue reading Shine on you Crazy Diamond Dog!

A-Lister: SWAP 2020

So, I did my year’s review, went through all the blog posts of 2019…and finally remembered that it’s SWAP time. Sheesh. Here are this year’s rules: Your Perfect Vision – SWAP 2020 11 pieces, in two groups: 9 or 10 that may coordinate (be worn together) to form outfits 1 or 2 that MUST coordinate (be able to be … Continue reading A-Lister: SWAP 2020