You’re the Tops! : SWAP 2020

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  1. I have been sitting on the Folkwear western shirt pattern (as well as a stack of other western shirt styles) and I would like to thank you for prodding me to go open that up and read the directions. Because there are no sewing fails when I’m just reading the directions/instructions/not cutting out and sewing stuff together wrong. The tattoo sleeve would be swell; I have yet to commit to an actual tattoo (after decades of thinking it over).

    I did drop an application at an outdoor gear mending shop that is hiring (and not totally crap wages either). No one there is wearing anything not RTW, and sewing experience is not required. Or expected. We’ll see.

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    1. Wow, that’s freaky about the repair shop. Are you supposed to iron patches on?!? You’re going to blow their mind 😉


  2. Wow! It looks like a tornado went through that room, but a very productive tornado spitting out entire plays worth of costumes. Good for you getting that sorted out! More work than actual sewing..
    And I admire all this cutting ahead too, it takes real stamina to get a project of this magnitude to a good end. Should I volunteer for my girlfriend’s plays so I can learn to expand my sewing scale? Maybe not, the thought of more deadlines is making me shudder 😏.
    But you might want to revisit the lack of fba.. I find that a simple pivot and slide gives me more room all the way down the front. It’s much easier than a formal one, and covers any needed belly adjustment at the same time so it’s all good. Like you I am not a symmetrical person, with extra coverage needed in front, relying on the total circumference is not as effective.

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