Pelisse Please Me: A-Lister addition

13 thoughts on “Pelisse Please Me: A-Lister addition”

      1. lol Maxine Peake stayed fair haired in ‘secret Diaries of Anne Lister’ so I think I can work it. I’ll use one of our steampunk tophats though! Wearing an itchy dark wig all day is not going to happen!


  1. This looks like it will be such a cool costume – I can’t wait to see the result. I think the View B is very much what Anne Lister would have chosen (in black obviously).

    I’ve often thought about making a regency costume to prance about in in Bath, but have never had the courage to make anything. Plus, those little empire-line dress……well, I’ve always wanted to wear something a little more “kick-ass”. That military-style spencer is so cool.

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      1. So much inspiration to work with. View B will mske a great military spencer/coat. Your SWAP is a real inspiration. Excited to see ut come to life.


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