Pelisse make it STOP

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  1. Imagine we’re there, holding your hand, patting it and saying, absent mindedly: ‘There there, my dear, there there’.
    Feel free to slap us, and get a glass of something. This isn’t the hottest water you’ve swam in. It will be great.
    There there- OW!

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    1. I did a little more after posting last night so all those looonnnng skirt seams are now done and pressed. now it’s just sleeves into bodice, skirt onto bodice, hand finishing [makes the list sound shorter lol]

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  2. So tempted to say, “Be glad you have a sewing machine and don’t have to sew the whole thing by hand.” but I won’t. Instead I’ll say, “Oh, it’s gonna be Wicked Cool when you’re done and all the trouble will be worth it.” Because we all know that to be true!

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  3. Love the post. Truly an accurate ramble through any complicated project that we just work away at until it’s complete! You had me laughing out loud, I could so relate!

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