Having a [Masked] Ball!

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  1. Those masks are amazing, and so much work. What a pain with the school cancellation

    I’ve been expecting schools to go for a couple of weeks. We shut all youth work a week before schools (Guides, after school club for the needy) and I was urging us to shut Guides the week before because we cater to 5 primary and 3-5 secondary schools, so a wonderful place to spread anything far and wide. I offered myself as emergency cover for the alt ed centre when we shut the youth work in the short window that schools will still be running. Having said that I’m not sure whether that free school will continue as the alt ed kids are all needy.

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    1. I had to watch Angel a couple of times before I got it, and it was never quite…right lol. Parts were excellent though. I love Firefly of course. Recently watched and enjoyed ‘October Faction’ on Netflix. ‘Locke & Key’ is more ‘young adult’ but fun. ‘I’m not OK with this’ was VERY good .
      I’m assuming here we’re sticking in the realm of scifi/fantasy. I’m assured that Dark Matter is excellent so that’s next up for me. We finished ‘Star Trek: Picard’ last night and loved it. Slow burner, but beautifully acted

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      1. Hmm, I don’t really know all of those, so I can look for them. Thanks. I have only watched the last season of Angel (and saw none of the rest of it) because of Spike, frankly, and even he semisucks in it–it’s like taking someone you like and putting them in a giant shiny box in a city–takes the life out of them even if they’re not already dead. The one about the insane slayer cutting Spike to bits and then being blithely taken to do the same to others by Andrew seemed very unhealthy and frightening, like maybe Buffy or her crowd got so stupid and cliquey that they didn’t understand that maybe chick was not safe. I also loved Andrew in Buffy in a way, but not this version of him. Yes, he got to have friends at last, but…he lost his charm for me somehow, and I would really recommend a better hairstyle for him, just sayin. It just felt like the writers of Angel did a poorer job with the same characters–I mean, they WERE the same characters, so there was already a history for each of them, and yet they mostly fell rather flat, although Angel as a puppet was fairly cute, and Illyria was fkkng gorgeous to me in a way that Fred never was. Sorry to ramble, but I have had no chance to discuss this with anyone who has seen it. The ‘apocalpyse’ with what looked like ten or so nasty dudes in an alley and a smallish dragon-thing seemed so lame and like a lesser Buffy event. And why could Angel love and get hot and heavy with people other than Buffy but still not have it be ‘perfect’ moment enough to pull the crazytrigger for him? That never made sense to me, that his calibration was odd. If he really loved her and they spent all their time making out, shouldn’t he have felt HAPPY at least for a moment now and then, without having to…? Oh well. Thanks for your patience and suggestions.


      2. lol yeah thta final series was shit, and Fred was a dire character. Lorne was the best for me, especially his back story, there was some real humour. You need to go back and watch the rest. Especially the ones where Weedon was bringing in the Firefly cast as villains- great fun!

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