She scrubs up well!

I am ASTONISHED by how much I’ve raised in my Gofundme campaign.  I spent about £200 myself to get started, then aimed at getting another £200 from contributions.  As of this morning, it’s standing at and AMAZING £1125!  Such generosity.  What have we come to, that out NHS is being held up by the kindness … Continue reading She scrubs up well!

A Right Scrubber

Not that or that or her and definitely not her or them. A lot of the ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ ladies on Facebook refer to themselves as scrubbers.  Not sure if they’re mostly to young to get the meaning, or are having  a bit of a laugh at others’ expense, but it made me … Continue reading A Right Scrubber

For the Love of Scrubs

Sewing mojo has been looooowwwwwwwww but yesterday, following a friend’s advice, I joined the FB group named in the title of this post.  I spent some hours reading the many many posts, people are joining all the time [over 4000 as I type] and subgroups are forming to coordinated efforts to make NHS scrubs all … Continue reading For the Love of Scrubs