For the Love of Scrubs

5 thoughts on “For the Love of Scrubs”

  1. I have just received my material to get making scrubs, there are a few from my sewing class getting involved. I am fairly close to Birmingham to. I made some drawstring bags yesterday so will be sending them out too. It’s great how everyone is joining together to help🙂

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  2. I keep looking at this initiative and wondering if I can help, but I’m not near enough any of the scrub hubs. There are requests for ear savers (a tape with a button at each end on to catch the face mask ear pieces onto on the back of the head, but I worry that those need to be sterilised too and they need slightly more thought than is going into them.)


    1. Ask your local GP/vet/dentist if they need any [they do]. The ear things are allowed by some trusts, not by others. Offer your help anyway=- it will make you feel better, even if the sewing is dull [it is, oh it is] and you could make caps/headband /bags etc and post them to where they’re needed without much fuss. In our area. people who can’t sew are volunteering to collect/deliver/distribute materials


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