M’Aidez! #1

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  1. I was born in 1952 in Melbourne Australia, my first year of “high school” as we called it, I made that exact same apron with the chain stitching. We made a matching cap in preparation for form 2 (the next year’s) cooking lessons. I hated the sewing but liked the cooking. Since leaving school I’ve sewn virtually all my clothes, but have rarely cooked anything. I am 68 now still sewing, never cooking, thankfully I met my husband when I was 13, we married at 17 to save him from being sent to the Vietnam war, and he has cooked me delicious food every day since.

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    1. We did cooking at school too, same arrangement. I already knew some basic cooking and baking , and my methods did not meet with approval lol My mum happily admits to being no great shakes at cooking, but I learned after I moved out and became MUCH more adventurous, refining my talents by being below the poverty line for a fair part of my young adulthood. I’m not bad now, and have passed some skills to my wife, who does a lot of the cooking when I’m working [seems a fair deal]. I re-taught myself sewing from about age 17 on, just by buying patterns and having a go. No internet then! Now I make all my clothes, bar underwear [can’t be bothered], and have started passing skills on at work via a small sewing club at lunchtimes. I use very different methods to the way I was taught!


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