Because Seven Ate Nine…

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  1. I had such hope when Boris went into the ICU, but apparently even a brush with death cannot fix insane attitudes, and greed. I am all with your wife about keeping you at home no matter what it takes. Maybe you can switch careers and only do costumes?

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  2. Teachers have always been used as cheap childminders, substitute social workers and sometimes substitute psychiatrists. Covid is throwing this into sharp focus. All the many failings and bodge ups in the UK education system are laid open. Remember how at the start of this pandemic the brilliant cabinet decided to relax the rules on the maximum number of children there could be in a class in case lots of teachers fell sick? Brilliant planning there. Next standard to hit the skids, I predict, will be the necessity for teachers to have the necessary qualifications to teach. Waiting with no hope for a Minister of Education to be appointed who takes the steps to get a grip on the real issues for children, how many have a responsible adult at home, in normal times, to take care of them if they can’t be at school, how many have online facilities and a quiet study area at home, how many have adequate food, how many have caring responsibilities themselves, how many have to deal with emotional or physical abuse in the home, how many have disabilities and bla bla. Until this info is in the bag, they’re just flapping around blindly. That’s before they get to grips with the eternal curriculum upheavals and grandstanding about standards. Stay safe if you can DF.

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    1. Doing my damnedest. As for teachers having qualifications- the way they get churned outof most courses these days, I wouldn’t say they are well set to be of much use…and VERY few subject specialists in key areas, like maths. Out of my entire department of 9 people, just
      three have maths degrees..


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