More zebras and some cake progress

The wife’s gone off to London to do some family stuff.  I couldn’t go because I had a tuition appointment this morning. I’ve done three loads of washing, played stupid games on FB a lot…and some slightly more interesting stuff. First, I got busy with the cake.  I made up a whole LOAD of butter … Continue reading More zebras and some cake progress

Bacon, bake off

Geddit?  geddit? I’ll get me coat. Anyway, all I meant was, having had a lovely bacony breakfast, cooked by ma belle femme, we trotted off to the shops and got the required coconut, plus a whole heap of goodies from our local cake decorating emporium… My niece has asked me to make her daughter’s birthday … Continue reading Bacon, bake off


ANZAC day- a reminder that I promised to make the wife some anzac biscuits a couple of weeks ago, then found I hadn’t got the ingredients.  I finally got my golden syrup, so off to the kitchen.  No coconut.  Bum. Ah well. I’ll share the recipe while we wait: 2 level tablespoons golden syrup 5 … Continue reading ANZAC day