Done and Dusted

The wedding dress that is. Bustle points sorted [after destroying rather a lot of safety pins], photos taken, tulle trimmed some more.  Everyone seemed happy, so I am too. This will be fully blogged after the wedding at the end of July, but just to show how much hand sewing went into applying the lace … Continue reading Done and Dusted

MOB Rule

Squee! I’m making no announcements, no, not me, but I am considering these four [so far] for a CERTAIN EVENT this time next year. Now that’s just from the designer collections…more to come! [FYI The header pic is me and the missus at youngest daughter’s wedding, 6 years ago] Continue reading MOB Rule

On the Tulle Road

Brief report, just to remind you all that I’m still here!  I’m busy catch-stitching all those looooong seam allowances down inside the main part of the wedding dress.  Tedious, but it really does make a difference. It’s looking rather good so far, and I just need to sponge out a few marks from the underlining … Continue reading On the Tulle Road

Tease for…Toile

Get it?  Get it?  Oh, I’ll get me coat. Just in case you thought I’d fallen off the face of the earth- I’m hanging on by my finger nails, but still here.  And yesterday, I did the first fitting of this year’s wedding dress project.  I will not be blogging about this until July, for … Continue reading Tease for…Toile