Paleology, speleology and steampunk-my birthday jaunt was an absolute delight on all levels. We drove down to South Wales straight after work on Friday, through the last of the [very] heavy rain.  Thanks to the excellent directions, we found our chosen B&B very easily, despite its location up a dirt track…what a gem!  Llundain Fach … Continue reading Paleo/Speleo/What-ho!

Perfect Day

A long lie in A lovely bubbly bath A jaunt into town to buy buttons from the rag market Birmingham Independent Food Fair [nom nom nom burp] a little drinkipoo in the afternoon sunshine dinner at the theatre and TWO decadent desserts An evening with Alan Carr We ate til we burst and laughed til … Continue reading Perfect Day

Sweet tooth

I had a tooth out three days ago.  This is itself may not seem much, but I’m a complete wimp when it comes to dentistry, and had never had a tooth out without general anaesthetic…but I managed it! My new dentist’s surgery advertise themselves as ‘painless’, and ‘syringe free’.  I must say this influenced my … Continue reading Sweet tooth

Bacon, bake off

Geddit?  geddit? I’ll get me coat. Anyway, all I meant was, having had a lovely bacony breakfast, cooked by ma belle femme, we trotted off to the shops and got the required coconut, plus a whole heap of goodies from our local cake decorating emporium… My niece has asked me to make her daughter’s birthday … Continue reading Bacon, bake off


ANZAC day- a reminder that I promised to make the wife some anzac biscuits a couple of weeks ago, then found I hadn’t got the ingredients.  I finally got my golden syrup, so off to the kitchen.  No coconut.  Bum. Ah well. I’ll share the recipe while we wait: 2 level tablespoons golden syrup 5 … Continue reading ANZAC day