CoBloWriMo #8-Vocabulary

Oh I’m a stickler for vocabulary, and spelling, and pronunciation! ‘twahl’ not ‘toyl’ ‘go-day’ not ‘go-dette’ I get irked when fellow steampunks call the draped overskirt they’re wearing a ‘bustle’.  This is a bustle.  and yes, it’s underwear, and yes, I’m wearing it on top.  Because I can. I’m very aware of the misunderstandings caused … Continue reading CoBloWriMo #8-Vocabulary

CoBloWriMo-August 2017

Anyone remember me participating in CoBloWriMo a while back?  [Costume Blog Writing Month, a set of prompts to help focus your blog writing.  Here’s the FaceBook link] It started well, but unfortunately fizzled out as the admin had to take time out.  It’s been resurrected this year, and August is The Chosen Month.  This time, … Continue reading CoBloWriMo-August 2017

Rag Market at Easter

I wasn’t going to buy anything…but I slipped!  We never even got as far as Barry’s this time, we had a Market Virgin with us, and things took a loooong time lol A smallish group of 6, but we flexed and fluctuated, came and went, all day…except when happily ensconced noshing noodles at Mount Fuji. … Continue reading Rag Market at Easter

Rag Market reminder

Just a quick one Three visits to the Birmingham Rag Market, Fancy Silk Store, and Barry’s warehouse are planned over the Easter break.  Dates are Tuesdays 11th and 18th, and Saturday 22nd April Let me know if you want to join the fun, and slightly damage your bank balances while augmenting your stashes! Continue reading Rag Market reminder