Parrot fashion

Hurrah!  The worst of the marking is over, and time for sewing hath returned! I still have one unit to mark, but plenty of time to do it, so the pressure is off.  I had a bit of TOIL stacked up at work. and booked today off, intending to try to join my lovely wife … Continue reading Parrot fashion

That sinking feeling

I’m making decent enough progress on the marking to intersperse it with some baking, and the occasional squinty-eyed foray into the garden sunshine.  It’s not all good though. Remember the last post about all the cakey-baking?  I knocked out 4 chocolate cakes last night, all good.  Today’s kitchen excursion was to make 2 or 3 … Continue reading That sinking feeling

And sew on

Yay!  I allow myself a teeny splurge most pay days [yeah right] and my latest goodies just arrived. Blue/black leopard print, stretch heavy cotton.  This NEEDS to be a pair of Style Arc Flat-Bottom Flo trousers.  The wife also fancies snagging any remnants as contrast inserts on something for her… Pale blue heavy cotton twill, … Continue reading And sew on