Three-Year Blogiversary!

Blimey, that’s a lot of blog posts!  I’ve been looking at the stats so kindly collated by WordPress. 552 posts:  that’s 3.5 PER WEEK.  Blimey. 235,265 views 42077 visitors- lots of you keep coming, thanks! 562 followers-I still don’t really know if this is horribly small, or pretty OK for a rambling self-indulgent blog like … Continue reading Three-Year Blogiversary!

Annual Round Up-2017

Whew!  That year went by in a flash! I’ve trawled through all my blog posts, and counted them all up month by month.  Not surprisingly, June and July are a bit sparse with all the exam marking taking up my free time, and August was chock-full because I did the CoBloWriMo challenge and posted every … Continue reading Annual Round Up-2017

Asylum 2017

Warning- long post, lots of pics! For 9 years, hordes of steam punks from all over the world have descended on Lincoln and much silliness hath ensued.  We started steam punking just under 2 years ago, and have now attended 2 Asylum weekends.  It’s amazing!  Literally thousands of people [not all steam punks, some muggles … Continue reading Asylum 2017

CoBloWriMo #25-Fave Friday:  Favourite Resources

I’m puzzled.  We’ve done visual resources [#10], we’ve done written resources [#17].  We just did unexpected source [#24] I have no inspiration WHATSOEVER for ‘favourite resource’.  This has actually been sitting waiting for several weeks waiting for a moment of clarity. resource rɪˈsɔːs,rɪˈzɔːs/ noun 1. a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other … Continue reading CoBloWriMo #25-Fave Friday:  Favourite Resources

CoBloWriMo-August 2017

Anyone remember me participating in CoBloWriMo a while back?  [Costume Blog Writing Month, a set of prompts to help focus your blog writing.  Here’s the FaceBook link] It started well, but unfortunately fizzled out as the admin had to take time out.  It’s been resurrected this year, and August is The Chosen Month.  This time, … Continue reading CoBloWriMo-August 2017

Dress Like Your Grandma?

Would you? This is a new challenge hosted by Tanya of the ‘Mrs Hughes’ blog The idea is simply to recreate a vintage garment, inspired by an old family photo, or if one doesn’t exist, ANY old photo that tickles your fancy. Both my parents’ mothers died before I was born, and very few photos … Continue reading Dress Like Your Grandma?