Muy Linda!

Style Arc ‘Linda’ trousers [yup, still not pants, unh-unh] in navy ponte.  Item #2 for the 2019 SWAP NAVY!  ME!   I haven’t voluntarily worn navy blue since school, and that was over 40 years ago.  I suppose that’s long enough to get over uniform shock… These were the first Style Arc pattern I tried, the … Continue reading Muy Linda!

Oh just Zip it will you?

Interlude, playground reaction to the [fabulous dahlink] cashmere coat and hat ensemble Week 1, kids: stares giggles ‘miss your coat is red’ [my response: ‘really Sherlock?’] ‘miss you look like Red Riding Hood’ ‘miss you look like a clown’ ‘miss I like your coat *sniggers*’ ‘why are you wearing that?’ ‘what are you dressed up … Continue reading Oh just Zip it will you?