Da Bomb

…or maybe not lol Bombshell swimsuit, Closet Case Files, in bright blue swimwear lycra, powermesh lining. I attempted a swimsuit a while back, the ‘Alison’ as I recall, which was getting great reviews…but it was HORRIBLE.  So bad I never finished it, and was greatly relieved that the fabric was one of my rare online … Continue reading Da Bomb

Border Post

Gorgeous butterfly and flower border print jersey [Frumble?  Fabric Godmother?  One of those] V1552 Sandra Betzina dress, this time with no sleeves and scoop neck. The dress went together very easily, just two pattern pieces, plus bindings for neck and armhole.  However, the wiiiiiddddeee pattern pieces didn’t quite fit on my yardage, so I pieced … Continue reading Border Post

Buzz Cut [and Sewn]

Frumble fabrics foil print cotton jersey, New Look 6735 tried and tested T shirt pattern.  I missed out the CB seam this time, to make this a little looser and more casual [and not to mess with THE BEES!] Very fast and simple make, fun to wear.  I’m buzzing!  Well, I won’t drone on, talking … Continue reading Buzz Cut [and Sewn]

Science Fantasy

More Frumble fabric, this time science/maths chalkboard print on navy background [‘supernova navy’], and yet another New Look 6735 This time I did keep the CB seam for shaping, and went for short sleeves for a change.  I don’t like my arms, not because they are flabby but because I’m prone to pimples on my … Continue reading Science Fantasy

Crossing my T’s

Two T shirts, New Look 6735 yet AGAIN [sorry, it’s dull, but I love it and need T shirts!] Fabulous quality aqua jersey, cotton with plenty of lycra, from [I think] Frumble yet again.  Rapidly becoming a top favourite supplier… I made one in the plain aqua with short sleeves, and the other with the … Continue reading Crossing my T’s

Otterly Delightful!

Michael Miller Otter print cotton [from Frumble of course], and yet another Jennifer Lauren Afternoon blouse.  Must make one up as a dress I think…. No fuss, no frills, I can knock these up with barely a thought.  I do stitch the front down below the Vs as I find it gapes a little, and … Continue reading Otterly Delightful!

Leaf me alone

Madness.  I’m wearing this flipping top, have been admiring it all day, and was halfway through typing this up and only just realised it isn’t feather print at all, it’s leaves.  LEAVES folks, why did nobody stop me? Anyway. LEAF print viscose from either Frumble or Fabric Godmother, I can’t recall offhand.  It’s LOVELY to … Continue reading Leaf me alone