Steamy Windows!

Not Tina Turner [grrrr-owl] but Steampunk of course.  Lincoln’s Weekend at the Asylum, 2018.  This is a long post, I’ve pinched lots of pictures from Facebook because we NEVER see all the best stuff!  It should have been posted a few days ago, but IMGUR went wonky and I couldn’t attach any pictures.  Enjoy! We … Continue reading Steamy Windows!

Cheap Frills

Go on, you  KNEW I wouldn’t be able to sideline this baby didn’t you?  Not a garment that is going to be assembled in a hurry of course, this is what I’ve been up to… I assembled the princess-seamed upper section, tried it on and tweaked it in a tiny bit under my bum.  Then … Continue reading Cheap Frills

Frilling News!

It’s arrived!  Vogue 8858, beautifully packaged and all ready for me to dive in.  I do like to be able to examine the tech drawings, and the instructions.  the basic skirt pattern looks very wearable in itself, so this is not just a mad indulgence of frilly insanity, honest! I rather fancy the midi version … Continue reading Frilling News!

Frilled to Bits!

I got it! The bay of E did it again, and I have my natty new pattern winging its way from the US… Think I may dig out the rest of this purple taffets and see how much I haveleft. Could work, what do you think? There’s also some of the lilac.  I think it … Continue reading Frilled to Bits!

SWAP 2018…

…shall I or shan’t I? I completed my first ever SWAP [Sewing With A Plan] wardrobe in 2016.  It was just after we first delved into steampunk, and had decided to go the annual Steampunks at the Asylum festival in Lincoln, August 2016.  So I did my SWASPP collection [Sewing With a Steam Punk Plan.]  … Continue reading SWAP 2018…

Cape F’Here

Designin’ December 2017 Why not?  I’d already planned to use the silk velvet Poiret-style evening coat I made for our wedding [and never wore] to make something glamorous to wear in colder weather.  I’ve already bought a cape pattern from Truly Victorian.  I decided ages ago to make a muff [insert bad taste Carry-On style … Continue reading Cape F’Here

Half and half

Half term, half a tooth and not-quite-halfway through all the cathedral window quilting. A week off work is always nice, even with the knowledge that the NEXT half term is EIGHT WEEKS LONG.  Good grief.  It’s very difficult to keep the energy flowing in the classroom with Christmas on the horizon, and we’re also supposed … Continue reading Half and half

A pocketful of posers…

  But first, a short bulletin on the Cathedral dress.  My wonderful wide black eyelash lace arrived from China OOOH! For some reason, it came in three pieces of about 3m each.  No idea why they do that, and fortunately, it won’t matter. I keep finding more images of Victorian dresses which use this colour … Continue reading A pocketful of posers…

Hard at work…

…in more than one sense.  Hard at work still sewing, even though not much has been finished yet.  And meanwhile, at work, it’s hard.  Very hard. Still, my new timetable gives me a long weekend instead of a midweek break, like last year, and I’m adjusting to the change of pace.  Plenty of time to … Continue reading Hard at work…

Licking the windows

Getting faster! I also looked at lots of images of 1890s skirts, trying to work out how to get what is basically a gored, A line shape, fuller at the back from…squares.  These things are not going to make up obligingly into A shapes.  Nope.  Not gonna happen. Then it came to me.  Maths.   … Continue reading Licking the windows