Steaming on #3

Back from Leeds, and [fairly] refreshed, I faced the job of cutting out the steam punk jacket and bodice this afternoon. It’s a good job that the taffeta and satin fabrics were bargainalicious, as the pattern yardages are excessive to say the least.  I have nearly 2m of the green left, and considerably more of … Continue reading Steaming on #3

Steaming on #2

The fabric arrived this morning [squeeeee] and the green taffeta is perfect, absolutely luscious.  Unfortunately, the black taffeta for the skirt is not what I ordered.  The one I wanted is this: But I got plain smooth black.  Nice, but not special enough.  So I sent a message, and they’ve asked me to send it … Continue reading Steaming on #2

Steaming on #1

The fabrics are due to arrive tomorrow, and the wife has started to get into the creative mood… We dashed into the rag market today, and I then went rummaging int my theatrical claptrap boxes upstairs, locating a variety of broken jewellery and baubles left over from my younger daughter’s Tim Burton inspired wedding decor. … Continue reading Steaming on #1

Steamed up

I’m all excited!  I finally got the chance to justify making this little beauty, a pattern which I indulged in ages ago on a whim, and just take out from time to time for stroking purposes… A friend has hinted that he’s planning a costume party,and that he wants to make it ‘sort of Victorian’ … Continue reading Steamed up