Life in the Fast Lani

SWAP 2018, Style Arc Lani tunic, various oddments of jersey plus pin-tucked silvergrey taffeta This one was a beast to cut out [see my earlier adventures in this post] but very satisfying on the hardly-any-waste front.  The pattern itself was sent to me by Style Arc after I commented on the problems I had with … Continue reading Life in the Fast Lani

Sharing Platt-ers

SWAP 2018, Vogue 1415 [again] Tom & Linda Platt.  Black silky woven fabric [poly?] with a raised swirly pattern. Yes, this pattern’s getting some serious use for this SWAP!  I originally made this top in blue/teal ‘scratched’ velvet from The Italian Textile Company on eBay, and I wear it to DEATH.  Version 2, was the … Continue reading Sharing Platt-ers

Back to Black

SWAP 2018 #2:  Vogue 8793, Katherine Tilton T shirt.  Black jersey with mesh detail collar. A very simple make which I managed to complicate by not paying enough attention to the pattern pieces.  I glanced at the method for attaching the double collar, then just zoomed ahead, bagging out the two collars.  The realised I’d … Continue reading Back to Black

Stripe Tease

SWAP 2018 #:  KwikSew 4173 tunic, black/grey/white stripey mystery knit The hardest part of this top was origami-folding the pattern pieces when I cut it out!  The fabric is a super lightweight, super stretchy knit. possibly viscose[?] that was given to me by the lovely and generous Kim [The Material Lady]  on one of our … Continue reading Stripe Tease

Gather ye rosebuds…

SWAP 2018 #4:  Vogue 9114 [Kathryn Brenne] skirt in reclaimed black taffeta. A simple shape, with a  little bit of Victorian-inspired draping at the sides, which is achieved with internal ties.  This is a very simple sew, and I was pleased to see the style is achieved with internal bustle points, as it means it … Continue reading Gather ye rosebuds…

Easy Piece-y

SWAP 2018 #4:  Butterick 6287 pieced tunic.  Using print and red fabrics salvaged from much-loved dresses, and scraps of black viscose jersey. Fabric-wise, this is a complete nightmare.  The print is an unidentified poly from the market, quite slinky and silky but with medium heft.  The red embossed [sweater knit?] was another market find from … Continue reading Easy Piece-y

Tilton at Windmills

Vogue 8793, Katherine Tilton.  Black viscose jersey with mesh detail on collar SWAP 2018 #2 First time I made this was in my zebra print, with mesh sleeves.  I originally made the two-layer collar in black and white contrast, but decided it looked rather vicar-y, removed it and added a plain neck binding.  I kept … Continue reading Tilton at Windmills

Platt du Jour

Vogue 1415, Tom and Linda Platt tunic SWAP 2018 #1 Cut from a red stretch velvet remnant which limited the length of both bodice and sleeves [which is fine, I’m 5’3″ and despite having monkey arms, like my sleeves a tad short]  The velvet was originally purchased to make a Xmas nightshirt for my daughter … Continue reading Platt du Jour