CoBloWriMo #19-Ornament

A huge range of fancy trims I used on the SWAP collection.  I’ve NEVER spent so much time on making something fancy [other than the wedding dress beading] and I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed it.  I made pleating boards, I hand-sewed fancy ribbon trim, I layered up different purchased trims, [and … Continue reading CoBloWriMo #19-Ornament

Shoot to Kill

Four hours, five camera battery changes, 154 pictures, countless changes, a couple of tea breaks, one wife rolling down our rather steep garden squeaking in alarm, and a HUGE heap of garments and accessories to clear away afterwards. We’re SHATTERED. Way too many pics to bore you with the lot, but here are the composites … Continue reading Shoot to Kill

Shoot me now!

The final photo shoot for the SWAP entry is good to go.  I’ve assembled all the clothes [13 items which count as 11 for the SWAP, all the UNDERclothes, [7 items for the shoot], hats, footwear, accessories/props.  The SWAP instructions say I can have up to 15 pics, including composites [lifesaver] and must include one … Continue reading Shoot me now!

More tech games

A-ha! Thanks Ruth!  Progress so far with assembling all the pics in one place, using Powerpoint: A little blurry, but it’s a start- I like being able to see that it does all,  indeed,  form a wardrobe…woohoo! A pal on FB gave me some advice on using another package to play with images, and I … Continue reading More tech games

Playing with technology

Pack I’m trying to find a way to make a single compilation image of several photos so that I can upload it onto another site.  The above ‘pack’ link is my closest attempt, although I’m none too impressed.  I just want one picture file with several images.  everyone else over at the SWAP headquarters seems … Continue reading Playing with technology

Swings and roundabouts

  Up…I’m making good progress on trimming the purple tail bodice, and only have to do a bit more round the neckline [but I keep changing my mind on the actual arrangement…] Down…It is [of course] taking longer than I’d hoped Up…The combination of trims is, to my mind, working really well, as all the … Continue reading Swings and roundabouts