Waxing Hysterical

Decisions decisions… I’ve been dithering, and distracted by work stress [nothing new there], but had a moment of revelation, which is igniting the sew-jo at last! The pattern which is calling to me the loudest seems to be the Edwardian lady’s sporting costume, #110 form Laughing Moon.  When I knocked together my planning last week, … Continue reading Waxing Hysterical

6Nap and Next Up

It’s such hard work getting your other half to take pics isn’t it?  There’s always something more urgent, like motorbike races, Kung Fu Panda, or a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Anyway, here we are, 6 Napoleon in two forms: #1 Work casual The skirt with a hastily hem-tweaked RTW T shirt.  I wore it … Continue reading 6Nap and Next Up

Fairy’s Ragtime Band!

Another holiday, another sewing meet up:  in fact, two! Next Tuesday, July 26th and the following Saturday, July 30th. For those on Facebook, details here and here Both days meeting at 1030 in the tea room at the back of St Martin-in-the-Bullring church.  Markets, Fancy Silk Store, Barry’s and lunch.  Fun?  Loads!  All welcome, come for … Continue reading Fairy’s Ragtime Band!

Sewing with Mother: Sew Curvy Sophia Underbust Corset — Mother of Reinvention

Hi lovely people. Sometime earlier in the year I asked if anyone would be interested in a corset sew-along. Although this is labelled very loosely as a such, there is no start or finish date. If you fancy giving it a go I will be posting my construction stages in real-time and will be answering… via … Continue reading Sewing with Mother: Sew Curvy Sophia Underbust Corset — Mother of Reinvention

Breaking News…

Aaargh!  I came equal first in the Stitchers’ Guild SWAP 2016!  I’ve never won anything before, and need to blow my trumpet HARD!  Thanks to anyone who voted, and if you want another look at all the pics, they’re here on IMGUR..  squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!   Continue reading Breaking News…

Swings and roundabouts

  Up…I’m making good progress on trimming the purple tail bodice, and only have to do a bit more round the neckline [but I keep changing my mind on the actual arrangement…] Down…It is [of course] taking longer than I’d hoped Up…The combination of trims is, to my mind, working really well, as all the … Continue reading Swings and roundabouts