Take 5

#MayWriteABit 2020 #5 A day late, but hey, the thought was there.  Random ramblings from ‘Captivity’: Lockdown continues, and every day is a weekend.  I’m a pretty self-contained old bird, I love messing about on FB, reading, sewing, cooking, eating, hanging out with my wife…so this has been no great burden to me. [1]Exercise schmexercise.  … Continue reading Take 5

CoBloWriMo #8-Vocabulary

Oh I’m a stickler for vocabulary, and spelling, and pronunciation! ‘twahl’ not ‘toyl’ ‘go-day’ not ‘go-dette’ I get irked when fellow steampunks call the draped overskirt they’re wearing a ‘bustle’.  This is a bustle.  and yes, it’s underwear, and yes, I’m wearing it on top.  Because I can. I’m very aware of the misunderstandings caused … Continue reading CoBloWriMo #8-Vocabulary

Today I are bin mostly…

…laying bait for racists, and buggering up another corset. First, the racists.  I spend many, many hours on Facebook, playing pointless games and looking at kittens of course, but I’m also active on several sewing sites, great for general chat and giving and getting advice.  Recently I started watching an interesting site which sells vintage/antique … Continue reading Today I are bin mostly…

Own Goals

This time last year, I didn’t make resolutions, but I did complete the ‘Top Five’ that lots of bloggers do.  I’ve just looked back on the ‘goals’ for this year,  Here they are: Top 5 Goals Complete the SWAP Do as many Historical challenges as possible, as long as they contribute to my wardrobe  Complete … Continue reading Own Goals