Mac and Jeez! [Warning- GIF heavy!]

Bloody welt pockets I HATE THEM! Every year I say I’ll tame them, then dodge the bullet.  I’ve been dodging all year, but I’m so determined to get this ruddy mac done before tomorrow, that I needed to crack on. Careful marking.  Check. Basted all lines, checked measurements again.  Check. Read instructions several times over, … Continue reading Mac and Jeez! [Warning- GIF heavy!]


I was so determined to finish this bloody silk bodice today.  It’s been sitting there, part done, for so ruddy long, making me feel guilty.  I just spent the best part of an hour carefully clipping, trimming and pressing all the ruddy princess seams in the silk, and in the coutil lining.  I’m all hot … Continue reading AAArrrrggghhh!

“…the girl could flounce better than a fat turkey on a trampoline.”

Well actually, I can’t.  My flounce-ability  is defunct.  My poor treasured ruffler is, like Monty Python’s parrot, no more. My much anticipated sewing marathon started yesterday morning, relatively bright and early.  I’ve had plenty of time to prioritise and make lists, so job one was to be ruffling several yards of pre-hemmed trim, to make … Continue reading “…the girl could flounce better than a fat turkey on a trampoline.”

Mebbe, mebbe not…

…or possibly just ‘Meh.  Bee.’ Dull dull dull dull dull.  Did I say dull?  Why do the ruddy judges feel the need to dramatics their discussion/commentary?  I mean, blimey, it’s SEWING.  Everyone watching knows it’s sewing, and sewing is not EXCITING no matter how much you enjoy it.  Agitating, yes, but exciting?  Every bloody week, … Continue reading Mebbe, mebbe not…

Sewing Bee #3:Undie-whelmed

Undie-veloped Undie-cided Undies.  Yep, it was lingerie week [horribly mispronounced throughout the show by everyone except Edna Mode- I love her, it’s official]. IT’S NOT lahn-jer-AY people, it’s lahn-jer-EEEEEEEEEEEEE! And breathe.  [As annoying as everyone mispronouncing ‘toile’ lol.] Anyway.  The usual nonsense ensued.  They had to follow a pattern make a stretch bra [or bralet … Continue reading Sewing Bee #3:Undie-whelmed

Oh Bee-Have [Episode 1, GBSB]

Hmmm.  The Great British Sewing Bee.  I’m trying to hold back…but…must…SNARK!  If you are of a delicate disposition, please move to another post, this one is not for you.  If you can’t cope with mean, snarky comments, you picked the wrong blogger! First, the good bits:  I LOVE THE NEW EDNA MODE LOOKALIKE PRESENTER! Amaze … Continue reading Oh Bee-Have [Episode 1, GBSB]