Bottoms Up! #2

Last of the current batch: StyleArc ‘Mindi’ jeans skirt, zip front and zip patch pockets.  Red stretch denim, insides finished in self made bias from Mickey Mouse brushed cotton.  If I tell you that I originally bought this fabric from a market stall to make something for my son when he was about 2. [and … Continue reading Bottoms Up! #2

Bottoms Up! #1

Katy & Laney tap shorts.  Purple linen/viscose from MyFabrics.  Facings in Tana lawn. Another weird case of measuring carefully, cutting correct size…then finding it doesn’t fit me anywhere.  My belly required size 18, my hips size 8!  Blimey try grading between those lol I did my best, and although I’d originally planned to bind all … Continue reading Bottoms Up! #1

Dented Fairy

Basically what my boss said to me today, but neither as humorous or as cute.  Apparently I shouldn’t get upset and agitated when the exams staff fuck up my students’ exam arrangements and cause them stress.  I got slapped down. As you may guess, my tits are still not exactly calm. Back to the marking…. Continue reading Dented Fairy

Mark Staring Mad!

Me today…and for a couple of weeks to come, I suspect. Yep, A level marking season is upon me, and I’m doing 2 units concurrently, so my eyes are already starting to swivel and plunge in their sockets. I’ve also had to spend the day at work chasing up on stupid admin errors/omissions/general fuck ups.  … Continue reading Mark Staring Mad!

Toof luck

Ew. 4 weeks after having a tooth extracted, and my gums just gave birth to 2 chunks of tooth/bone.  NOBODY TOLD ME TO EXPECT THIS! Mr Google tells me these are ‘sequestra’  and not to worry.  All very well for YOU to say, googly old pal, but hearing a clank when you spit after cleaning … Continue reading Toof luck

Bad news…

…comes in threes? I had some crappy news last week. The first was the not unfamiliar announcement that there are impending redundancies at work, and we won’t actually know if we have jobs in September, until decisions are made.  Great.  As the main breadwinner, that’s potentially utterly disastrous. The second was a very stressful phone … Continue reading Bad news…