Pelisse-d To Meet You

‘Gentleman Jack’, Anne Lister.  World Book Day 2020. I used Laughing Moon #137 pelisse pattern, and of course chose the most complicated option.  The fabric is a fabulous Italian designer cotton blend stuff [see earlier posts] with a velvety surface and  a swooshy swishy crepe like texture.  The sizing is pretty good- I used the … Continue reading Pelisse-d To Meet You

Pretty Pelisse

Thank the stars it IS pretty after all this work it’s taking! I’m rushing, so it doesn’t bear VERY close inspection, but it is now a complete garment at least.  I’m coughing for hours after coming out of the sewing room though, this is fluffy, fray-y stuff. Tonight I got the long sleeves in, tacked … Continue reading Pretty Pelisse

Pelisse make it STOP

Oh boy!  Laughing Moon #137 pelisse, OMG will it never end? I have been sewing away forever and I don’t feel like there’s much to show for it…I have to console myself that bar some handsewing [quite a lot] and some lonnnnnng machine seams [still quite a few] this can still come together in time … Continue reading Pelisse make it STOP

Pelisse Yourself…

Laughing Moon #137 Pelisse for Anne Lister outfit, World Book Day 2020 [next THURSDAY!] HOURS of cutting out, HOURS of rummaging for appropriate linings, then pressing and cutting them out, and now an hour of prepping, pinning linings to main fabric to be hand basted, cutting bias for piping, pinning pieces ready for the machine. … Continue reading Pelisse Yourself…

Pelisse and thank you

World Book Day 2020 is NEXT WEEK [I’ve been telling myself I’ve got lots of time eek] so I thought I’d better get to grips with my ‘Gentleman Jack’ inspired costume.  I wavered between greatcoat and pelisse or spencer for a while, but eventually settled for these as my main inspiration Laughing Moon #137  pelisse.  … Continue reading Pelisse and thank you