Graffiti and roses

A short post, and unfortunately rather blurry pics of the work in progress…I promise I’ll take better ones when I get this done! The fabric is of course from The Textile Centre on ebay, I bought 2 panels, each with 3 large orange roses on a random graffiti/newsprint background.  Dawn didn’t really fancy large roses … Continue reading Graffiti and roses

Animal Trouble…

I’ve had some animal trouble dear readers. First, I finished my lovely rainbow zebra jeans…and they didn’t fit. !”£$%^&*(!!! Quoth Fairy. Why didn’t they fit?  My own stupid fault of course.  I’m usually too impatient for toiles, but I had already had a bash using the Style Arc ‘Misty’ with the back crotch adapted from the ‘Flat … Continue reading Animal Trouble…

New baby

Here’s the new addition to our happy home, a beautiful Bengal boy, re-homed from a cousin. Don’t you think he looks like Puss in Boots? He hid under the bed on Saturday afternoon, only coming out if no one was around, to grab a biscuit or 2.  When all the fuss of the day was … Continue reading New baby

Ignorance and Bliss

Despite the fact that I was somewhat worn out and headache-y today, it was a good ‘un.  I like Fridays, as I teach A level groups all day, and I have a particularly great batch of students this year.  Now obviously, I’m not going into any details about them, other than to say that one … Continue reading Ignorance and Bliss