Six of the best?

#MayWriteABit 2020 A day late again, I’ll get the hang of this eventually. 6 is a perfect number which means that it is equal to the sum of its factors [excluding itself].  This is the kind of nonsense I like.  It’s  a maths teacher thing. So.  Back in January I wrote about my upcoming birthday, … Continue reading Six of the best?

Take 5

#MayWriteABit 2020 #5 A day late, but hey, the thought was there.  Random ramblings from ‘Captivity’: Lockdown continues, and every day is a weekend.  I’m a pretty self-contained old bird, I love messing about on FB, reading, sewing, cooking, eating, hanging out with my wife…so this has been no great burden to me. [1]Exercise schmexercise.  … Continue reading Take 5

Hup Two Three Four…

#MayWriteABit 2020 Well that didn’t start well did it? I’m supposed to be writing every day, but a combination of broken sleep with toothache and  a cross-eyed focus on sewing these scrubs, I … forgot. So this post, on Star wars Day, is for days 2, 3 and 4.  Oh dear. On Saturday [2nd] I … Continue reading Hup Two Three Four…

M’Aidez! #1

A few days ago I was invited to join “#MayWriteABit 2020 mutual support group” on FaceBook.  I was ambivalent, but have been reading group members’ comments as the kick-off date of May 1st approached.  I finally decided to go for it this morning.  Those of you who’ve been around on this blog for a while … Continue reading M’Aidez! #1

A Right Scrubber

Not that or that or her and definitely not her or them. A lot of the ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ ladies on Facebook refer to themselves as scrubbers.  Not sure if they’re mostly to young to get the meaning, or are having  a bit of a laugh at others’ expense, but it made me … Continue reading A Right Scrubber