Steaming on #1

The fabrics are due to arrive tomorrow, and the wife has started to get into the creative mood… We dashed into the rag market today, and I then went rummaging int my theatrical claptrap boxes upstairs, locating a variety of broken jewellery and baubles left over from my younger daughter’s Tim Burton inspired wedding decor. … Continue reading Steaming on #1

What’s Up Doc?

Next up- a dress for my doctor daughter’s 3oth birthday.  The actual birthday is at the end of this month, but because of work commitments, she’s having her ‘do’ on Friday this week.  She isn’t planning to wear this dress for the party, but I don’t get up to Leeds to see her very often, … Continue reading What’s Up Doc?


Sorted!  It wasn’t as much work as I’d thought either: I unpicked the zip on one side only, leaving a pin level with the waistband…moved it all down a tad, basted, re-stitched, and tweaked the hemline on one side to match t’other.  A bit of hand sewing to catch down all the facings and do … Continue reading Mindicated

Bottoms Up! #2

Last of the current batch: StyleArc ‘Mindi’ jeans skirt, zip front and zip patch pockets.  Red stretch denim, insides finished in self made bias from Mickey Mouse brushed cotton.  If I tell you that I originally bought this fabric from a market stall to make something for my son when he was about 2. [and … Continue reading Bottoms Up! #2