NOT the right stuff

Happiness today, as a little bag of habby arrived for me.  Unfortunately, the piping cord I ordered seems a  I was somewhat confused by the sizes on offer, but a bit of checking and careful measuring established that I wanted 1/4″.  Oddly, the stuff on offer was labelled 4/32″ [which for non-mathematicians is the … Continue reading NOT the right stuff

Yes ma’am!

I’ve finished the western shirt, or ‘Frontier Shirt’ as the Folkwear pattern labels it.  It’s all in Tia Knight stretch cotton poplin, same fabric for the contrast piping leftover from the wife’s shirt. It’s quite straight up and down, as am I so that’s OK.  The sleeves are good and long, I hate skimpy sleeves.  … Continue reading Yes ma’am!

Quilt Guilt

Both Ruth and Kate have blogged in the last few days about quilts, so I thought I’d drag myself, creaking onto the bandwagon. I’m in awe of the amazing quilts that some people produce, and once upon a time, imagined a future when I’d have the patience to sit and cut up teensy little hexagons … Continue reading Quilt Guilt

The Right Stuff

Do you buy all the right stuff for your projects?  Is your sewing virtuous and saintly?  Do you obediently follow all the lists for notions, yardage and fabric type? I used to, oh yes.  When I wanted to make something, I’d go into town, spend hours browsing all the pattern books in our big department … Continue reading The Right Stuff


I’ve noticed several bloggers taking up the de-cluttering approach as advocated by Marie Kondo.  I must admit, the very thought fills me with horror.  I don’t want a minimalist, showcase worthy life, I like STUFF. Am I a bad Fairy? STUFF #1:  Clothes I didn’t have a lot of stuff as a kid, clothes were … Continue reading Kondo-dominion