I Aten’t Dead!

[Thanks Terry for the 2 best role models an old battleaxe could possibly wish for!] I’m still neck deep in exam marking, and still being held in suspense about the redundancies.  So I’m pretty tired and fractious, all in all.  Fortunately my lovely wife is keeping me fed, supplying me with gallons of tea, and … Continue reading I Aten’t Dead!

I feel old!

Just taking five from the marking and having a little YouTube pootle…and found this: Followed a couple more links, and found that Toni Basil’s SEVENTY ONE! Apparently she was pushing forty when she released ‘Mickey’.  Who’d a thunk? I feel soooooo old! Continue reading I feel old!

Dented Fairy

Basically what my boss said to me today, but neither as humorous or as cute.  Apparently I shouldn’t get upset and agitated when the exams staff fuck up my students’ exam arrangements and cause them stress.  I got slapped down. As you may guess, my tits are still not exactly calm. Back to the marking…. Continue reading Dented Fairy