Steaming on #9

Wife’s trousers are done and look super fab with the New Rock boots and top hat.  No pics til the shirt is done though, far too indecorous!  Here’s a teaser, with the rapidly progressing power pack for the blunderbuss and a load of belts I found in a bag on top of the wardrobe.  Hoarder?  … Continue reading Steaming on #9

Steaming On #8

Wife Time! Now she’s busily perfecting her rather amazing steam powered blunderbuss [see above], so I’m just going to get going… Her character [Harriet ‘just call me Harry’ Palms] is a werewolf adventuress, and my bosom companion.  Ahem.  She does all the fighting, apart from anything I can deal with using hatpins and a firm … Continue reading Steaming On #8

Steaming On #7

Steaming to a stop [for now] 10 small buttons, 4 hand sewn buttonholes, 4 large cogs, 2 small keys,  1 hook and eye [and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeee] A bit more hand sewing, but this time, no bleeding fingertips.  Jacket and bodice are done [I think] Things that went well- most of the … Continue reading Steaming On #7

Steaming On #6

The coat is almost complete now, I just need to sew the sleeve lining in place, and deal with buttons and buttonholes [meh] It all went together pretty straightforwardly, although after my earlier praise of the interesting pocket insertion, I managed to make a booboo:  bearing in mind that I’d cut an 18 upper body, … Continue reading Steaming On #6

Steaming On #5

Gadgets.  Every steampunk character needs gadgets, right?  I KNEW this, I could feel it in So I did some googling, thought some thoughts, rummaged in my drawers.  Ooh matron. Look what I’ve found: Inspired?  Of course you are- look at this haul!  Two slide rules, 3 ear rings, 5 bobbins [but of course I … Continue reading Steaming On #5