Steamed up

I’m all excited!  I finally got the chance to justify making this little beauty, a pattern which I indulged in ages ago on a whim, and just take out from time to time for stroking purposes… A friend has hinted that he’s planning a costume party,and that he wants to make it ‘sort of Victorian’ … Continue reading Steamed up

At Last!

I’ve finally had a letter saying the redundancy threat is lifted.  It arrived before we went on our day out on Saturday, so I delayed opening it in case it spoiled the day…phew! We had a lovely, sunshiney, blue skies day out at Goodrich castle and Symonds Yat.  Cream tea, pub lunch, a stroll by … Continue reading At Last!

Acting out?

[Warning- waffly reminiscence post coming up!] For a few years, back in the 90s when my kids were small, I made costumes for a local amateur opera company. I’d always been interested in historical costumes, loving the covers of my mum’s extensive paperback collection! In 1970. I watched ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ with … Continue reading Acting out?

Severn of nine

Mojo be damned- this afternoon, sickened by constant rain and the prospect of me going back to work [maybe] without enjoying any days at all, we hopped in the car and headed off to Stouprport-on-Severn.  This is a sweet little town not too far from us.  I’ve actually never been there before, but the missus … Continue reading Severn of nine


I got a good chunk of mojo back yesterday, possibly because I finally got round to going to a new optician, [New Lenses on the way], and had one of my worries laid to rest.  For a few months, I’ve suffered from occasional loss of central vision, which is very alarming.  I get twitchy, juddery … Continue reading NL